Duluth Charter Fishing FAQ

I’m new to charter fishing. How do I get information?

Give us a call after reviewing our website. You can give us a call at (218) 310-7636 to ask any question. Were always willing to help you choose the right charter trip.

Do the boats have bathrooms?

Yes, all our boats are equipped with a clean roomy bathroom.

Do I need a fishing license?

Yes,  a Minnesota fishing license and trout stamp, or a 24 hr hour license is required for persons 16 or over.  For seniors 65 or over the trout stamp is not necessary.  Licenses are your responsibility.  They can be obtained thru the MDNR website or any location selling licenses electronically.

What should I bring with me on the boat?

Depending on the length of charter bring snack foods, or sandwich, drinks (which may include alcohol in moderation), a camera, hat, sunblock, and a rain jacket if the weather looks like rain. We provide all the rods, reels, bait, and tackle.

Is the boat safe for me and my entire family?

Yes, We are federally licensed by the United States Coast Guard.  Our vessels exceed all the safety equipment required. You can enjoy the trip knowing that you’re safe and secure with our seasoned professionals.

Do we still fish on rainy days?

Yes,  we normally fish on rainy days,  however,  depending on winds,  thunderstorms and chance of lightning there is always a chance we may cancel.  I will call the evening prior to the trip to confirm the weather conditions. If you are in doubt about the weather, always call your captain before you decide to cancel your trip.  Surprisingly we have some of our best fishing days  on rainy, stormy looking days.

Why is the capacity of the boat limited to 6 people?

Mandated by the United States Coast Guard,  we’re only allowed to have six paying customers on board. If you have more than six people. We offer multi-boat charters for larger groups.  We would be glad to set up two or more boats to take your group fishing.

What are the chances of a successful charter?

We do our best to catch fish on every charter.  With our extensive knowledge of the waters, you are assured a successful day of fishing. It’s our goal to make your trip the best fishing outing you’ve ever experienced. Depending on the weather and wind conditions, we adapt our strategies to target the most available species.

What type of fishing can I expect?

We specialize in offshore trolling.  Our tackle is designed for the targeted species, light enough to make it sporting,  but heavy enough to land the biggest fish.

What happens to the fish I catch?

If species is legal, they’re kept on ice in our cooler.  We gladly fillet and bag your fish at the end each trip.  We also take pictures of you and the fish.

How do I know if the boat is available for the date I want?

When you call to reserve one or more days, we can usually make arrangements to accommodate you on one of our boats,  or with one of our other capable captains. The sooner you make your booking the better to assure the date you would like.

What is the deposit and cancellation policy?

We normally take credit card information to reserve your date.  You may cancel the trip up to 14 days in advance and pay no fee. If you cancel within 14 days of your charter you will be charged a $200 deposit fee.  If the captain cancels because of bad weather you will not be charged a deposit.

Is gratuity expected and how much?

Gratuities are never expected but greatly appreciated. If the crew did a good job, made the trip enjoyable, and you had a good time you might consider rewarding those efforts. The normal range is 15% to 20%.

We provide the following:

  • All required Coast Guard safety equipment (we exceed the requirements)
  • Top quality well maintained rods and reels
  • State of the art fishing electronics
  • Bait and tackle, proven effective for the type of fishing to be done
  • Ice for your fish on the boat.
  • Inform and educate you about fishing methods and general Lake Superior information
  • We will fillet and bag your days catch
  • We can organize multiple boat trips for families and companies

What you need to bring:

  • Current Minnesota fishing license and a trout stamp or (24 hr license which includes trout stamp
  • Warm clothing (temperature changes can be extreme)
  • Comfortable shoes (avoid worn Crocs as the can be slippery)
  • Food and beverages (alcoholic beverages are allowed, but please use in moderation)
  • Camera and sunglasses
  • Cooler for transporting your fish home