Lake Superior Fish

Lake Superior Fish

Lake Superior fish differ in some ways from their inland lake relatives. The cold clear water makes themĀ  somewhat brighter in appearance and heavier of body.

Lake Trout

lake superior lake trout

Lake Superior Lake Trout

Irregular wormlike markings on back and dorsal fin

Light spots in body and tail
Deeply forked tail

Best Time? May thru Sept. Bigger trout caught July thru Sept.

Chinook (King) Salmon

lake superior chinook salmon - Copy

nikon salmon boy kr

Black mouth and gums

Spots over entire tail
15-19 anal fin rays

Best Time? May thru Sept. Bigger kings caught Aug. thru Sept.

Lake Superior Coho Salmon

lake superior coho salmon

Lake Superior Coho Salmon

Black mouth and white gums
Spots on upper part of tail
13-15 anal fin rays

Best Time? April thru June. Bigger coho caught July thru Sept.

Lake Superior Rainbow (Looper)

Lake Superior Rainbow (Looper)

Rainbow Trout (Inland)
Many small spots on body
White mouth and gums
Square tail with many spots over entire tail in radiating rows
10-12 anal rays

Kamloops (Loopers) are caught occasionally.

Lake Superior Steelhead

Lake Superior Steelhead

Lake Superior Steelhead fishing

Steelhead (Lake Superior)
Spots all over tail remain, but rest of body is silver
White mouth identifies rainbow (steelhead) from the salmon

Best time? Currently there is a Catch and release policy for native steelhead. They are caught May thru October.

Lake Superior Brown Trout

lake superior browntrout

Lake Superior Brown Trout

Brown Trout (Lake Superior) Pictures
Very silvery in summer. Dark spots on body but not colorful reds or blue

Best Time? April thru July. Also October.

Lake Superior Brook Trout (Coaster)

Lake Superior Brook Trout (Coaster)

Lake Superior Brook Trout Fish

Brook Trout (“Coaster”) Pictures
Pale markings may look similar to small lake trout
Square Tail
A “Original Native” of the lake, they are caught only rarely on west end of the lake.

Lake Superior Walleye

Lake Superior Walleye

Fish lake Superior Walleye

Walleye Pictures
When to catch walleye?
Best time for lake: June until Sept.
Best Time for St. Louis River: Mid May until August
St. Louis River is a steady producer, especially on windy days.


lake superior  muskie

lake superior muskie
Matt with a huge muskie

Muskies are found in the St Louis River and in Lake superior near the river mouths

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